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You can reach the highest level of parcial service by road with General Cargo Int’l Transport Co. Ltd. who is a real liner espacially from Italy, Germany, England and France. We proceed a system door to door which will be your first choice after courier. Our principle is to never lose the boutique mentality by growing. So, we adopt to be always the new against all the years.

We have full authority by booking of trailers, by loading, at customs, by our agents, on road and on delivery. We have created all the necessery process, your cargo is in safe hands. We have the R2 license from Turkish Transport Ministry which gives us an unlimited capacity by registry and freight.
So, we can order each int’l trailer to move your cargo.


A global logistic service door to door with highest quality step by step is a very big job. To reach this success, our outcome was to be a group of companies.


According a selective work, we have performed all financial liabilities before operative effect of concerned regulations. General Cargo is a reliable choice for all importers and exporters who try to do the best for each shipment.